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"I am a multi-faceted artist, exploring the tension between form, line and colour. I work in a wide variety of media and am open to possibility. I am currently accepting commissions." 

- That's the official blah.

I art, therefore I am an artist.*

I don't think of my practice as art work, I think of it as a verb, it is something I do. When I'm not arting, I'm thinking about it or gardening, or chasing chickens and herding cats.

Thanks to the world of digital photography and smart phone technology, representing objects, scenes or people can be done at a click. I am interested in the use of colour, line and form that tries to get beneath the surface of the experience. 

*many, many apologies to Decartes


My raison d'être

My creative practice is multi-faceted in that I work on large scale abstract pieces in oil or acrylic, as well as smaller pieces in watercolour or line drawings or doodles. I let the project dictate the medium I work in. It also gives me something to do with the mass of art materials I seem to have acquired in the meantime.

Recently, I've been preparing for an exhibition with an astrophotographer (details below); currently, I'm designing repeat patterns to be printed on a wide range of products like mugs, mats etc. Watch this space. I'm also researching the possibility of an exhibition featuring women's self-portraits as a representation of female rage. 

And that's just to start with...I also accept commissions and am interested in collaborations, small & large scale public projects.


image courtesy of Chris Grimmer

The Speed of Colour:

an abstract encounter with astrophotography

You are invited to the joint show between astrophotographer Chris Grimmer and I.  This exhibition explores the point at which the representational nature of astrophotography and the ambiguity of abstract painting meet. Using Newton's seven colours of visible light, my responses to Chris' photographs represent the experience of looking up into the night sky. Together we consider the limits of technology and imagination; seeking to discover the boundaries of what is seen, what is known and what can be believed.


The exhibition runs from  16th - 27th October 2018, at Anteros Art Foundation, Fye Bridge Street, Norwich and is pleased to be a part of the Norwich Science Festival. The Private View is on Thursday 18th October 6pm - 8pm.

If you'd like to attend the Private View, please drop me an email, so I can get enough bubbly in! 

Let there be colour

oil on board

Rose Blackthorn, 2018




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Close Cottage, School Road, Earsham, Bungay, Suffolk, NR35 2TF



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07872 938182

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